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“The Jay Blaze #NoChillZone”

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Broadcasting LIVE from the 101.9 Kiss FM in Eastern North Carolina is the Jay Blaze #NoChillZone Monday-Friday 2pm-6pm.  “Jay Blaze Doesn’t Do Radio, He Is Radio” The #NoChillZone is Hosted by Jay Blaze, Clarke Jones, and Born Finesser, with a host of pop characters. Here’s what you can expect!!!

  • #New@2-  @2:35Jay Blaze drops a new song at 2:30pm and let the listeners judge Hate it or Love it!!
  • #TrendingTopics  AT 3:25 and 5:25pm, Clarke Jones runs down the top trending stories, while Jay Blaze chimes in with his almost educated views.
  • #QOTD (Question Of The Day)-The team ask’s a question and gets the ENC take on it, you have a question you want on the show? Email them to jblaze@1019online.com
  • #Drive@5Mix-  @5pm Dj A To The L and Born Finesser give you a straight hour of Back to Back joints requested by you blended to perfection (AND NO ONE TALKS IT JUST MUSIC)!!!

“What Advice Would You Give Your Ex’s New Bae?  See what Jay Blaze, and Clarke advice is in the video below…

October 9th, 2017-If you missed today’s show here’s what you’ve missed!  “Jay Blaze calls up Rimtyme and pitches a new reality show called “Repossessed”  where Jay will ride around repo’ing rims from customers who’re behind on their rim payments.